Marketing MBA

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification, often described as the access point to a successful career in business and corporate management. The MBA itself is a generalised business program focused on developing knowledge of theory and practical application across the main practices and functions of business such as Operations, Human resources, Finance and Strategy. Obtaining an MBA can prove effective in progressing both personally and professionally with many employers expecting higher tier management to have one. As well as the generalised MBA qualification, many providers offer specialist MBA's where a number of modules are specifically focused on a certain business function. For those who know which area of business they most wish to pursue, a specialist MBA can be a useful way of following that path.

The main 3 reasons people choose to study an MBA are as follows:

Career Prospects

Many people view an MBA to be a passport to better career opportunities. In a recent survey, 79% of students undertook an MBA to improve career opportunity with most MBA holders holding higher management or executive positions


Along with better career prospects comes increased earning potential and many people perceive an MBA to be an investment as much as development in their field. The average salary of a UK employee with an MBA is approximately £66,500.


Studying on an accredited MBA program can open the gateway to great networking opportunities. As well as fellow students, an MBA provider often has strong affiliations with the corporate world and many have large alumni networks, giving access to many executives and business leaders across the world.

Marketing MBA

One of the most critical functions of any business is its marketing and for anybody wishing to follow a marketing management career, an MBA with a Marketing specialism could be the way to go.

Studying a Marketing MBA will cover all business functions with special focus on areas such as consumer behaviour, marketing research, channels and communication, promotional techniques and negotiation. The objective of the program is to produce a well-rounded manager with specific skills set in Marketing practice.


The cost of an MBA program can range from around £12,000 to £40,000, with the difference usually reflecting the university or institution's reputation and network community. It is usually for the more expensive courses to be with providers that are internationally recognised as leaders in the field and have strong affiliations with larger corporations and excellent lecturers. Similarly, an MBA with one of the top ranked providers will cost more, but is also likely to provide greater opportunity for the future. However, this is not to say an MBA from another provider is of no value. The commitment, knowledge and skills set evidenced by undertaking an MBA will appeal to employers, regardless of the institution it was obtained from.


Applying for a place on an MBA program will be slightly different with each institution and so before applying, it is imperative to check the individual providers requirements. However, as a general rule, the following criteria will need to be met:
A good undergraduate degree (second class honors or above)
An equivalent professional qualification.
Minimum of 3 years work experience

Where to study a Marketing MBA

Marketing MBA's are available across the UK with many of the leading institutions offering the specialism. Below are a few of the leading providers.

University of Aberdeen
One of Scotland's leading University, this MBA program is offered with a Marketing specialism.
Duration - 1 year full time
Start date - September

Kensington College of Business
This London based business school, established in Kensington, offers an MBA in marketing in conjunction with the University of Wales.
Duration - 1 year full-time
Start date - July, October and January.

GCU London
This London branch of the Glasgow Caledonian University offers a more specific program with its MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing, attracting those that wish to pursue a career in this specific field.
Duration - 1 year full time
Start Date - September & January

University of Central Lancashire
For those wishing to pursue a career in fashion marketing, this MBA in Fashion Brand Management could be a good choice.
Duration - 1 year full time
Start Date - September