Operations Management MBA

Obtaining a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) provides the individual with a prestigious and internationally recognised qualification, known to be consistently effective in pursuing a successful business career. An MBA is a business study program designed to combine teaching the theory and using practical application of the main business functions and practices. Beyond this generalised program, MBA's are also available in specific business areas with additional study modules in the specialist field. There are several reasons why people decide on studying towards an MBA. The 3 most popular reasons are as follows:


Many people see MBA's as an investment for increased earning throughout their careers. The average salary of an MBA holder is way ahead of an average undergraduate salary with the most recent average reported as approximately £66,500.

Career Prospects

Alongside better salary prospects are better career opportunities. A reported 79% of students undertook an MBA in order to create further job opportunities in the roles of top management and executives.


Studying on an MBA can provide access to some great networking opportunities. Contacts will not only be available through fellow students but accredited MBA programs have international affiliation and alumni networks, providing the opportunity to reach out to executives, high level management and business leaders throughout the world.

Operations Management MBA

Operations Management is one of the most important business functions for any organisation and the way in which it is approached can directly affect the success of the business. For those wishing to follow a career in Operations, an MBA with an operations management specialism will set them in the best position for specific career opportunities in this area.

Studying an MBA in Operations management will include development in all business functions with specific focus on areas such as supply chain management, transformation process, design and operational strategy. The outcome is aimed to achieve strategically effective managers with specific skills in Operations Management.


The costs involved in studying an MBA can be quite considerable with course fees ranging from approx £12,000 to £40,000. In the majority of cases these fees will not include study materials, books, conferences or accommodation. There are several funding options available with an MBA and the first place to check is with the providers themselves as most have grants and sponsorships open for application. Additionally some banks offer very good rates on loans used to put towards MBA study with repayments deferred until after completion of the program. Furthermore, many employers will offer financial aid to employees that they feel would be worth investing in.


The application process to join an MBA program can be quite time consuming and involved. The first step is to check the requirements of the MBA provider; these are usually listed on their websites. Although each provider may have slightly different requirements, the majority share the following criteria and application process.

  • An undergraduate degree with minimum of second class honours or equivalent professional qualification.
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience
  • For non English peaking nationalities - IELTS score of 7 or above.
  • A personal statement on why you wish to study and where you want to progress to.
  • A face to face interview
  • Personal references from employers and university lecturers.

Where to study a Marketing MBA

Despite the importance of Operations Management within business, there is currently only one provider of an accredited MBA with this specialism.

University of Edinburgh

The business school of this leading Scotland University offers a course with an innovative and successful approach to learning. The course is taught through a variety of styles including class discussion, case studies and guest speakers and case studies whilst also encouraging students to share and use their own examples of operations management. Discussions through online interaction are encouraged to ensure a wide range of experience is combined to produce a well-balanced learning outcome.

Program: MBA: Operations Management
Duration - 1 year full time
Start date - September