Information Technology MBA

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a post graduate certification that covers in depth and detail the fundamentals of running, building and developing a business. It is a highly desirable qualification in the employment market because those who hold them will have demonstrated a keen understanding of all aspects of the business sector, will have competence in technical skills such as market analysis, economics and strategies for development as well as 'soft skills' such as leadership, managerial communication and ethics.

Many students take the option to choose a specialism within their MBA. This will generally take longer but equip them with more comprehensive skills in a particular area. It is common for MBA courses not to take on graduates without at least three years practical work experience in the industry and so applicants may well already have a clear idea of which area they wish to pursue in more depth.

One such specialism is information technology. Because of the proliferation and universal use of computing within all areas of modern life, it is more and more common and indeed important for businesses to seek staff with current, working knowledge and proficiency in computer systems including research, data analysis, programming and networking. These skills can deliver incomparably increased efficiency which in turn may boost profits. Equally valuable is the knowledge of business systems and management issues; the MBA in Information Technology (IT) bridges the gap between senior staff with out-dated technical knowledge and IT staff who lack understanding in business matters. As such, an MBA in IT can stand a person in good stead when applying for high level positions which require managerial talent and negotiation techniques in both technological and business matters. The responsibility of such roles will often be reflected in the salary.

Course Content

MBA IT covers the core modules in business and financial techniques common to all MBA courses and then proceeds to advanced modules focusing on the science of computing. Areas of study will include IT systems, managing databases, strategies for analysing information and technological project planning. The workload will include task-based projects, case studies and course work in areas such as database applications and administration, e-commerce, project management, data capture, computer programming and security. The central objective of the course is to develop in students a thorough understanding of how computer systems can be used to support business requirements and a managerial approach to using their skills to enhance the effectiveness of the business and improve its position among competitors.

Application criteria and practicalities

As is common to all MBA courses, applicants will be required to have an honours degree from a well-regarded university and a fluent command of English (international students may be required to take a language exam such as the IELTS to prove their proficiency and a score of 7 or over will be necessary). The MBA IT is generally considered suitable for engineering, computing or technology graduates or experienced middle managers with equivalent skills. Some providers will demand work experience in order to ensure practical experience is brought to the course. The MBA IT can take anything from one to three years to complete and there are accelerated, part time or distance learning options. The costs of an MBA program vary depending on the provider and can cost between £12,000 and £40,000. There are grants and sponsorships available for those students luck enough to be accepted. Additionally, some employers offer financial help for their staff.

Where to Study an MBA in Information Technology

Institutions which offer the MBA IT in the UK are listed below:

Coventry University
Information Technology MBA
Duration: 1 year full time
Start date: September

Liverpool Hope University
Information Technology MBA
Duration: 12-15 months (Full-time); 24-30 months (Part-time)
Start date: September and January

Kensington College of Business (University of Wales)
MBA Information Technology Management
Duration: 1 year full time
Start date: January, April, July, October