Human Resources Management MBA

In a fast changing and increasingly competitive business world, employers are demanding the best from their management and executive team more than ever. To be better equipped for top management roles and increased job prospects, many business professionals are looking towards a qualification to add to their CV. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the leading qualification of this type and is internationally recognised by employers. An MBA is postgraduate degree focused on providing students with a deeper understanding of the business functions and strategic workings of an organization. An MBA will cover the following areas:

Studying an MBA with a specialist subject is an effective approach to meet specific career objectives and develop a more in-depth understanding in your chosen specialist field. Human resource management (HRM) is the business function that manages organisations' most valuable resources - the employees that work towards achieving the business's objectives. Studying an MBA with a HRM specialism will prepare students for a career in the development and strategic management of people to achieve the best and most effective results from an organisation's workforce. The program will cover all the usual MBA topics as listed above alongside specific focus on HRM strategies, techniques and meaning to ensure a deeper understanding of how this business function fits into business strategy as a whole.

Application and costs

The cost of an MBA with HRM specialism ranges from £8,500 all the way to £25,000. These costs are simply course fees and do not include study materials or course books. Individual providers will be able to supply information and a guide to how much extra costs will be incurred throughout the course. To meet the costs of an MBA, there are a number of options from grants and sponsorships from the providers themselves, to unique educational bank loans and employer contributions.

Entry requirements will differ from provider to provider and the best approach is to contact them or visit their website for a list of specific criteria. However, there are some general requirements that the majority of, if not all, institutions will require before considering an application. Applicants will require a recognised undergraduate degree at 2.2 or higher classification. Alternatively some providers will accept an equivalent professional qualification. Usually a minimum of 3 years experience is also required to ensure the student can bring real life experience to the program. Non English speaking nationalities will require a minimum IELTS score of 7 to be considered for application.

Where to Study

With HRM being such an important business functions there are a number of providers offering the specialism. Below are some suggestions of where to start.

Greenwich School of Management
This East London based business school, situated in Greenwich, offers an MBA with HRM specialism through its affiliation with the University of Plymouth
Duration - Daytime classes - 1 year fulltime or 2 years part-time, Evening classes - 2 years part-time
Start Date - September

University of Aberdeen
One of Scotland's leading universities, established in Aberdeen, and a reputable MBA provider offering an HRM specialism.
Duration - 1 year
Start Date - September

University of Coventry
The University of Coventry, located in Coventry, offers a slightly different alternative with their International Human Resource Management MBA program. The addition of an international focus can assist those who wish to work overseas or in a multinational company.
Duration - 1 year
Start date - April, July and October