Entrepreneurship MBA

A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is arguably the most prestigious qualification available to business professionals and completing one can provide access and opportunity to personal, career and salary growth and development. Obtaining an MBA shows commitment, knowledge and the skills set that many large corporations are looking for in their management staff. An MBA entails practical and theoretical focus across a range of business areas including management training and strategic growth. Aside from this generalised qualification, MBA's are also available with the majority of specialist business subject areas such as Accounting, Operations and Human Resources.

Additionally, with many institutions recognising the trends towards, and importance of individual's creativity and innovation, a more recent specialism is an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship. With a business sector shift towards individuality and entrepreneurship, studying an MBA with this specific focus is becoming popular and critics suggest an MBA in Entrepreneurship will be the qualification of the future.

Studying an MBA in Entrepreneurship is ideal for those who wish to understand and pursue the success of their own business or be better equipped to lead and grow their existing company. This qualification combines management training with a study of entrepreneurial businesses and individual successes. The objective of learning is to build and develop innovation, creativity and awareness whilst integrating these elements with strong management theory and practice. Modules range from strategic planning to how to create a start-up, social enterprise to business in emerging markets, and this diverse approach creates a well-rounded and balanced MBA study option.


Costs vary depending on which university or institution you choose to study with. Courses range from £12,000 to £40,000 for an Entrepreneurship MBA. The costs are usually related to the provider's reputation and network opportunities in the world of business. It is likely that the more expensive the course, the more value the qualification will provide and for this reason, it is important to research what the institution can offer you before deciding on where to apply.


Applying for an MBA is quite an involved process that can take some time to complete. The first step is to ensure that you meet the requirements to qualify for an MBA program. Each institution will have varied requirements and the first step is to check on their websites to see if you will be suitable for the course. Although requirements will differ, most schools will demand a good undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification. Additionally many MBA programs will require a minimum of 3 years work experience.

Most applications will require a statement explaining what your goals and objectives are and why you want to study and in some cases this will lead to a face-to-face interview. It is also useful to obtain letters of recommendation from work and previous lecturers or contacts from your university to stand as evidence of your character and work ethic.

Where to study an MBA in Entrepreneurship

With this course becoming more popular, there are many institutions offering the program. Below are a few of the leading providers.

Imperial College London
This London based university is renowned for being a leading institution of education within the UK and the Imperial MBA has a specific focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Duration - 1 year full time
Start date - October

Nottingham University Business School
The world-renowned University of Nottingham's business school, situated in Nottingham, was one of the first institutions to recognise the shift towards this type of MBA and offer an experienced course.
Duration - 1 year full time, 2-4 years part time.
Start date - September full time, September & January part time.

London School of Business and Finance
This central London institute is world renowned and offers MBA courses in a variety of approaches.
Duration - Full-time 12-15 months, Part-time 24-30 months,
Online 12-60 months
Start date - July.

University of Liverpool
www.liv.ac.uk This online MBA with a specialisation track in Entrepreneurship is available through one of the UK's top ranked universities, located in Liverpool.
Duration - 24 months
Start Date - September