Business Management MBA

A Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most prestigious qualifications across the globe and obtaining one opens the potential to pursue your dream career. Some reasons people decide to pursue an MBA are:
- Personal & professional development
- Broaden their skills set
- Earn a better salary.
- Improve managerial capability

An MBA, with specific focus on Business Management, is a postgraduate degree that will assist in building your knowledge and experience whilst greatly increasing your career prospects across a wide spectrum of industry. Business Management covers the activities involved in running a business as a whole and studying towards a Business management MBA will involve developing managerial skills, financial, operational and HR management, whilst also building an understanding of strategic and tactical approaches to business. This course is ideal if your objectives are to obtain the skills to run a company or work in top tier management within a corporation.

An MBA in Business Management will usually take between 1 and 2 years to complete if studied full time, or up to 5 years if part time. Costs involved in studying an MBA can vary between £5000 and £30,000, depending on the institution. Overall cost will also depend on accommodation costs etc. It is worth noting that many corporations are keen to develop their staff and may offer some funding towards the qualification. Additionally, there are grants and schemes in place to assist in making the MBA more affordable for students.

Where to Study

With larger corporations pro actively seeking employees with higher education, places for MBA study are in high demand. If you are thinking about taking an MBA, it is worth considering the type of career you wish to enter, or develop in, before searching for relevant centres of education as different institutions will be better for different specialisms. It is also worth considering your motivation behind your decision to partake in MBA study. This may help decide whether you take a full time or part time course and which study centre to apply to.

Knowing your motivations and objectives will also help when completing your application, which often involves writing a paragraph on why you wish to study and an explanation of where you wish to be in the future. In some cases, the institution will request a face to face interview. The first step to application is contacting the university direct, usually through an online form. To qualify for a place, you first must have a good graded undergraduate degree or a professional equivalent. For those seeking education from outside the UK, a high level of English competence is absolutely necessary.

Below is list of some of the UK's leading institutions for MBA in Business Management.

London Business School
This world leading business school, established in London, is one of the highest ranked institutions in the world and its alumni boasts C.E.O's and government officials across the world.
Study period: 1 year
Start date: September
Application: available online

Liverpool John Moores University
0151 231 5090
This Liverpool Business School, situated in Liverpool, has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent resources and network opportunities with large corporations across a spectrum of business sectors.
Study period: 1 year
Start date: September
Application: available online

Kingston University
The Kingston Business School based in West London, boasts a unique approach and curriculum, mixing academic and practitioner tuition study to ensure students are equipped with both theory and application upon completion.
Study period: 1 year full time / 2 years part time
Start date: September or February
Application: available online