Accounting MBA

For anyone wishing to progress in his or her professional and personal development, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one the most effective approaches to doing so. Completing an MBA quantifies an individual's ability, focus, knowledge and capability within their chosen field and is in high demand by employers, especially in large corporations. Due to the nature of an MBA's core subjects, completion of the qualification identifies an understanding of both business theory and its practical application.

Development within managerial skill, in-depth knowledge across all business areas and case study work results in the qualifications hugely positive addition to a CV. MBA's are available in a range of specialists subjects such as Business Management, Operations, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Choosing to study an MBA with a specialism can help steer career direction and so the decision should be made carefully.

One of the most important parts of any business is the management of the accounting aspect of the organisation and for this reason an MBA with specialist focus in Accounting is a good option for those wishing to progress into higher tier management with better knowledge and leadership in this field.

An Accounting MBA program will delve into areas such as the meaning of accounting reports and subsequent decision making based on the results, how to accurately calculate cost, the difference between financial and management accounting and effective budgeting. The final result will be an in-depth understanding of how to effectively make strategic decisions based on financial information and how the financial and accounting aspect relates to a business as a whole.


The cost of an Accounting MBA will vary quite considerably depending on where you choose to study the program. Courses are available between approximately £12,000 and £40,000 and this usually doesn't include books or study materials. In most cases, the higher the cost represents the institution's ranking and reputation. An MBA from one provider may be more sought after than from another and this is important when making a decision on where to study. In order to help with costs, it is worth discussing with your chosen institution about any possible grants or sponsorships available. Additionally, many employers are keen to develop their staff and may offer financial help towards obtaining an MBA.


Applying for a place on an MBA program can be a lengthy process and organisation is key to getting through it! The initial and most important stage is to check the specific requirements of the institution you wish to study with. Although these requirements will vary slightly, the majority of providers will demand a good undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification. Some providers will demand work experience from their applicants. This is usually a minimum of 3 years and is important so that participants can bring real life experience to the course. Applications will also require a personal statement as to what the applicant wants from, and can bring to, the course as well as his or her aspirations for the future. Quite often, face to face interviews will also take place to ensure that both the provider and perspective student are best suited.

Where to study an Accounting MBA

With many different specialist areas available with MBA providers, there are only a few that provide MBA Accounting. Often accounting specialisms are integrated with finance creating an MBA Accounting and Finance or vice versa. Below are some of the most popular providers in the UK.

University of Surrey School of Management
This institution based in Guilford offers their MBA with a specialism in Accounting and Finance.
Duration - 1 year full time
Start date - September

Edinburgh Business School
This online MBA with specific focus on Accounting provides a flexible approach to study.
Duration - 24 months
Start Date - September

University of Liverpool
This leading UK university, situated in Liverpool, offers an experienced and reputable MBA in Accounting and Finance with flexible study options via its online partnership with Laureate.
Duration - 2-4 years full time
Start date - October