Full time MBA

If you are looking for career progression, a salary boost or just some personal development to help your confidence and knowledge in the business world, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) could be a perfect next step. An MBA is an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification, designed and focused on giving students a deeper understanding of business functions and strategic management. Graduates will be furnished with the theory and practical application of leadership skills, management competence and a dynamic approach to problem-solving. An MBA program will include modules such as;

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • People Management
  • Strategic Management and Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Marketing

If you have decided on a specific career path, MBA's are also available with a specialism, such as Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Choosing to partake in a specialist program will prepare you for a career in your chosen area and increase your potential for job opportunities.

Studying full time

When first considering the pursuit of an MBA program, the main decision is whether you study full or part-time. With most MBA providers requiring some years of work experience, a full time MBA program will usually require you to step out of employment for a year whilst you complete your study. The advantage of this choice is the qualification can be obtained in just 12 months as opposed to the 2-5 years a part time option may take. Additionally, many students find that they can focus on their study much more easily when they are away from the distractions of the work place. Along with the invaluable knowledge and experience, an MBA program also gives students access to a web of new business contacts and career planning advice. As such, the full time option is especially convenient for those who wish to change career direction or move industry.

The main disadvantage to studying full time is the cost. Depending on individual circumstances, you may be able to manage this better or worse than others. Whilst you do not earn, your expenditure will remain similar and so not only does the cost of the MBA need to be considered, there is also the loss of earnings throughout the year. However, many people see an MBA as an investment and completing the qualification in one year will give you the opportunity of earning an MBA salary after just 12 months, the average of which is approximately £66,000.

Application & Cost

The cost of an MBA program will differ depending on where you choose to study. The fees from an accredited provider can be between £12,000 and £60,000 for a full time course. These figures are only the cost of the MBA program and would not include study materials, books, accommodation or other living expenses throughout the study period.

Each provider will also differ slightly in what requirements they expect from their applicants. However, there are some general guidelines that the majority of, if not all, schools and institutions will require as minimum:

  • An undergraduate degree with a minimum of 2.2 honours
  • A professional qualification equivalent to the above
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience
  • An IELTS score of at least 7, for non English speaking nationalities.

Where to study a part time MBA.

The UK is host to some of the world's leading business schools and institutions, creating a good range of choice for those wishing to study an MBA. Below is a list of some of the highest ranked in the country.

Oxford University Said Business School
The Said business school is one of the top ranked MBA providers in the world with access to an impressive alumni network and the top lecturers.
Duration - 1 year
Start date - September

London School of Business and Finance
One of London's best regarded business schools, offering a world renowned MBA with a range of specialist areas.
Duration - 1 year
Start date - September

Manchester University Business School
Offering a very popular full time MBA courses that includes 6 months 'work place' experience.
Duration - 18 months
Start date - September

Imperial College Business School
The unique Imperial MBA boasts an international status and focuses very much on academic theory put in context.
Duration - 1 year
Start date - September